Al Gallia
Al Gallia

Welcome to ‘Searching for Serendipity‘ which I hope offers inspirational tidbits on the deeper meaning of our life journey as it relates to faith, nature, life, simplicity, and aging. I do not presume to be someone special or have ‘expert’ knowledge, but only wish to share thoughts, including those of others, on subjects I have become familiar with and are close to my heart.

Lafayette, Louisiana…in the heart of beautiful Acadiana near the Gulf of Mexico coast…is my home. My passions are photography and haiku poetry…landscape, nature, and nostalgia…a love also shared with my precious wife and best friend, Bobbie.

Through my personal and close experiences while walking with loved ones and friends as they confronted stress, illness and aging, I have witnessed how faith, hope, prayer and love helped overcome pain, fear, depression and loneliness. By God’s grace, they were able to call upon inner resources for peace, hope, courage, selflessness, and the will to perservere…to never give up. Their wonderful examples of faith and trust in God are the reasons l wish share my thoughts with others who may be interested.

In my posts, you will find selected photographs, haiku and related poetry, and shared writings on nature, faith, life, and aging. May you may find a brief respite from this busy, anxious world here.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated as I love hearing your thoughts too. Please visit often and enjoy!

Peace and Blessings, Al Gallia

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