Autumn Splendor – Light at the End

Fall evenings at Lake Martin in south Louisiana or Acadiana often present moments of peace and gorgeous sunsets…beautiful serendipitous moments…cypress trees in flaming liquid golds and reds…glassy, dark reflections at day’s end

Genesis - the Seventh Day by Al Gallia
Genesis – the Seventh Day

“Genesis – the Seventh Day” ©Al Gallia
Sunset at Lake Martin/Cypress Island Preserve, Louisiana

Autumn evenings at Lake Martin in south Louisiana or Acadiana, as we call it down here, often present moments of peace and gorgeous sunsets. I love my walkabouts this time of the year. These walks not only provide quiet time for reflection and prayer, but also beautiful serendipitous moments for the perfect photo shot. Here, the sun’s waning rays illuminated the foliage of the bald cypress trees in flaming liquid golds and reds and the still swamp waters dressed themselves with glassy, dark reflections at day’s end. God’s creation is awesome!

As I get older (“more mature” is probably a better phrase), I tend to spend more time contemplating the deeper meaning of our journey through life and beyond. This evening was one of those times and this reflection seems to fit the moment.

Light at the End

“There can be no darkness without light. Do not be afraid of the darkness; there is light beyond it. If there is total darkness, then even a small light will shine out. But when the place is completely illuminated the small light appears completely insignificant, almost negligible. When you feel you are lost in darkness this creates fear. But do not be afraid; because there is a light shining beyond it. Have full faith in it, that there is light; and that will remove your fear completely.

Even if you possess only a little light, that is fully capable of taking you to reach your ultimate goal. Do not be afraid that your own power is so little, so negligible. Maybe it is little. Maybe it is not illuminating the whole of your path. But whenever you move forward, it will illuminate the path immediately in front of you and as you go ahead it will provide light further ahead. There is no need to lose heart.”

H. H. Shantanand Saraswati

Author: Al Gallia

I love nature photography, haiku poetry, art and simplicity.

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